Instant Prints


The age of digital photography has opened up many creative options for photography at a party or an event. It is possible to have prints made in seconds! Our system is capable of producing as many as 500 4x6 prints per hour. That's smoking fast!

We can have a photo-op with a green screen to add a fantasy background. Perhaps superimpose a company spokesperson into the photograph? Add text and graphics?

Some of the options include magazine covers, sports trading cards, magnets, luggage tags, or maybe just a fun photo in a folder! What idea do you have?

Click here to view our large collection of samples.

It is also possible to have instant prints made from roaming candid photography. This can be done wirelessly as the photographer is roaming a room. The prints can be on display in seconds and as an added bonus they can be projected on a screen as a slideshow during the event.

Special effects can be applied to create very unusual images. Click here to see more information.

Photos can be printed in 3D. Click here for more information.